Thursday, January 27, 2011

Industry Thoughts | ACG And Lobbying, Part II

Back in December, I wrote a post (which also got on The Term Sheet) curiously questioning why ACG (the Association for Corporate Growth) does not have a lobbying arm within the organization. I went to yesterday's ACG NY Healthcare Conference and got to meet with some heads. I asked about the lobbying movement and I got these answers:

  • The lobbying movement will strictly be informational; the organization voted to not make a more aggressive move but to continue sharing information about private equity industries and how PE has been beneficial through job creation, production efficiency, etc.
  • The reason why there also hasn't been an aggressive move is because members of ACG aren't only execs from private equity firms. You have C-level executives, service providers, and people from other random areas, so you can't entirely say that ACG can solely lobby for private equity.
  • There also has been a movement within ACG to its members to connect with Congress; members should be contacting Senators and Representatives to give them a lesson in how private equity has been helping the state. In other words, there are companies that have key facilities in the represented states that are a) partly or majority owned by private equity firms and b) have brought a significant number of jobs to the state itself.
It was a good answer from the execs I talked with. I hope that the "talk to your Senator" movement gets stronger because, well, all we have going on now is some mid-market PE execs trying to fight the SEC registration requirement in new legislation.
Good luck, ACG!

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