Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Industry Thoughts | Private Equity Goes Into Reality TV, Thanks to Lynn Tilton

Talk about an interesting story for private equity today: New York Magazine announced that TV network Sundance is launching a "nonfiction" show about Patriarch Partners CEO Lynn Tilton. The show will be called The Diva of Distressed.

Known for her powerfully blonde hair, 6-inch stilettos, and tight-fitting clothing, Lynn is also a tough and demanding head of the distressed-focused private equity firm she named after her father. (More background info about her, including her hilarious "I only strip and flip men" comment, is in this well-written WSJ piece.)

After watching the clip in the link, I realize what Lynn's trying to do, and it's honorable. Private equity firms haven't tried any successful way to show the general public that they are helping the economy by acquiring portfolio companies. If anything, this is a good start for a helpful PR movement for the industry.
Sadly, because of all the rotten programs that fall under the "reality TV" category, I feel that people will initially judge the show more on Lynn's looks versus what she's actually doing with the companies she now owns and is working on.

Still, it's a good start. Best of luck, Lynn! You can follow her on Twitter here.

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