Saturday, February 23, 2013

Industry Thoughts | Public-ifying PE (an update)

Yes, it's been a while since this blog has been updated. I greatly apologize for this, but please know it was not on purpose. I've been spending a lot of time utilizing Twitter to write my thoughts (albeit to the 140 character limit), and I know my feed has been a bit off topic recently. So I thought I'd do a little update and share what is going to happen on this blog moving forward.

While the Private Equity Growth Capital Council and ACG have been been doing good jobs on sharing some stories about private equity success stories, I am going to write about some others I've been seeing, both on the success and failure sides. The bigger story I will aim to tell is more like a forensics report, digging as deep as I can to show what went right (or wrong). More importantly, it will focus on companies people will recognize well (from Dave & Buster's to the makers of the Slinky toy), with the goal of showing how much work behind the curtain PE is doing. The curtain is slowly getting pulled back by various people. I intend to rip it down.

From the SEC registration to public enforcement, private equity will be under a larger magnifying glass moving forward. I plan to keep track of what happens and keep you guys and gals updated. While it's more paperwork for PE firms (and the majority of firms work within the law), it's better for its public image as it continues to be a work in progress.

Along with telling some PE success and failure stories, I'll pen a short post or two about a company that's well known among the general public that's, well, PE-backed. From Rebecca Minkoff to Rosa Mexicano, you never know what company I'll touch next.

While I'll definitely be tweeting during the many PE conferences I attend, expect some takeaway posts at the end of them. Intergrowth 2013 (the largest private equity conference in the world) is coming up in April, so expect some posts then.

I read and see a lot of private equity pieces. I'll share some of what I'm reading and give my take and/or responses to them. It could be data-centered or insight-centered. Heck, I'll throw in a snarky piece every now and then. Those will be fun.

Every now and then you'll see a non-private equity piece here. It may center around something fun (sports, animals, WWE - yes, it's my guilty pleasure) or something thought-provoking (personal thoughts, ideas, etc.). I promise they'll be worth the read.

Team PE Feeds has garnered a bigger following than I ever would have imagined. I cannot thank you all enough and plan to up my game and share with you a deeper insight about PE to those who may have never been able to understand it.
There are many great private equity journalists dedicated to the data and insight, but nobody has consistently helped educate the public, which is totally fine. Many of them (Jason Kelly with his book The New Tycoons, for example) have done great jobs when they have. But their jobs can't allow them to do it full time.
That's where I come in.

Enjoy the leveraged ride.

- PE Feeds

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