Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#FeedsReads | What I'm Reading (Part I)

From time to time on the Twitter account, I'll tweet out some articles or pieces I'm reading regardless of their relation to private equity. I started tagging those tweets with the hashtag "#FeedsReads." Since we have this blog going, I'll share with you a post every now and then with about 5 or so articles I think you all would enjoy reading.

So, here they are: The first edition of the #FeedsReads posts!

  1. NEW YORK TIMES: A heartbreaking story of Josh Miele, whose face was damaged by acid as a child but rose up to the happiest ending one could have.
  2. CONSERVATION MAGAZINE: How stovemakers are trying to build the perfect wooden stove to help Third World countries and to combat climate change.
  3. SALON: WWE legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts, his recovery from addiction, and his comeback to the ring. 
  4. THE WASHINGTON POST: How cycling phenom Joe Dombrowski is leading the way towards cycling's future, marred in the scandal that is Lance Armstrong.
  5. QUARTZ: How ethicist William MacAskill believes working on Wall Street in your initial career will do more good (because you'll make more money to be able to fund good-doing).
  6. THE ATLANTIC: Ashley Fetters on the 15-year anniversary of the cult classic The Big Lebowski and how its laid-back world still abides, dude.
  7. THE ATLANTIC: A powerful piece (and the source for my cyber-bullying trolling post) about the modern age of combating cyber-bullying. 
Let me know what you guys think of the pieces in the Comments section. 

- PE Feeds

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